Manufacturing is one of the last sectors without truly digital and automatized operations. A lack of data accessibility is the key obstacle to the adoption of new technologies in manufacturing. As we have developed technology to tackle these issues, we at ENLYZE are at the frontier of a changing industrial landscape, capturing real-time manufacturing data in a structured way from an increasing amount of different PLC manufacturers.

Enriching, processing and analyzing such data streams in a near-realtime manner has been and continues to be one of the most interesting challenges. Joining our tech team, you will continue to work on our existing streaming pipeline and start building additional services to deliver a seamless interface for the data science team and automate critical processes.

A couple of boxes to tick:
- First and foremost: you’re passionate about (building) tech and of course beautiful user-centric frontends
- You have experience in building ETL and streaming jobs out in the wild; preferably with Apache Beam (Java and Python SDK)
- Maybe, you also worked on the storage side of things and worked on large wide-column data stores such as Apache HBase, BigTable or Cassandra
- You also enjoy the web side of things, as your pipelines used to rely on internal services, which you helped build/maintain
- You know git by heart and have no fear of development flows with it
- You know how to discuss and describe technical/architectural problems and always come up with ideas on how to tackle them
- You have a high appreciation for clean architecture and clean code
- You have some (pet) projects to review
- You already went through the life cycle of any relevant project twice (ideation, build, deploy, maintain, evolve)

Icing on the cake:
- Open source contributor
- You love and hate docker at the same time
- You built one or the other django / flask application
- You like automating and generalizing the boring, but important stuff (deployments, tests, workflow)
- You know a thing or two about web programming, authentication and authorization schemes and helped building up cross-service authentication and authorization at your former employment
- Experience with kubernetes
- Experience in operating and running Apache beam streaming jobs on apache flink