The EPFL Extension School is looking for an experienced data science instructor to join our team. The course instructor will be responsible for assisting our learners as they progress through our courses and programs (for curriculum details please see our web site). This will mean supporting learners through 1-1 chat, group chat, support forum, for their course and capstone project work and presentations. The role will also involve creating and grading exercises and projects for learners.

The audience for these courses extends to a large, general public and the knowledge level of the learners will range from novice (no prior experience) to intermediate (strong familiarity, possibly but not necessarily university or post-graduate level knowledge). The course instructor should be able to adapt his/her instruction and support (explaining topics, guiding learners to achieving learning objectives, stepping through exercises, learner support) accordingly.

We expect a solid, demonstrable and practical background in all domains of data science relevant to both a beginner and an intermediate level learner. In particular, we expect you to be well-versed in the most common tools, methods, and applications of the entire data pipeline (i.e. data mining, data cleaning, data analysis, data visualisation), using both Python and R. You will also be able to explain basic concepts in data/data science clearly and effectively.

The ideal candidate also has strong experience with a variety of methods / models / tools relevant to data analytics, statistics and machine learning, as well as applied frameworks (e.g. *SQL, Hadoop, Spark, D3.js, or others).

Additional required qualifications:

Activity level: part-time (60-80%)