Challenges that will let you grow
The Big Data and Advanced Analytics Group at EY provide clients with quantitative solutions to their business needs. We cover a whole range of services such as Software Development, ERP System Analysis and Adjustment as well as Advanced Analytics. Examples are: Development of real-time analytics software to monitor business transactions, data visualization using VR with Oculus Rift + touch, cutting edge advanced analytics using high performance servers and machine learning algorithms. Team members are drawn from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. The management team has a huge track record of projects at diverse companies in various industries with different issues of meeting business needs with creative solutions. In this role, you actively develop innovative tools and models to guide clients and tax experts in the process of decision making. Depending on your background, tasks include data analysis and software development with state-of-the-art technology and workstreams, in conjunction with a high degree of freedom in problem solving. You are comfortable in handling and processing large amounts of data. You work with structured and unstructured data in teams consisting of professionals from various disciplines. You will be involved in requirement engineering towards the implementation of full-fledged applications with advanced dashboards. We look beyond bar graphs and take human-computer interaction two steps further with natural language processing and virtual reality. You proactively develop and propose your own solutions to the team. You are keen to learn about new technologies and methods. We define the state-of-the-art in tax technology & analytics. You are part of the presentation of the developed solutions to middle and top management from various industries in our digital showroom tax at EY Stuttgart.

Your profile to make a difference together
You have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a data science discipline (e.g. computer science, statistics, physics, maths) or can demonstrate quantitative aptitude in another way (e.g. Kaggle or Github).
You have a favorite scripting language that is commonly used for data analysis (e.g. R, Python, Matlab).
You are familiar with SQL, MongoDB or Graph DB. UNIX and Hadoop are not foreign concepts to you.
You have a basic understanding of the development of web applications (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and business processes.
Tax knowledge or ERP-system know-how are a plus but not a must.
Intermediate German skills should be provided with the willingness to improve as well as advanced English skills.

More opportunities for your development
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