We’re looking for am experienced developer to join our Data Platform team, which is responsible for the efficient, reliable, secure, and compliant propagation of all datasets across the company to our data warehouses. At SoundCloud, we rely heavily upon data-driven, informed decision making, and the Data Platform team is key to enabling that.

As a lead data engineer, you will work with on-premises data infrastructure (HDFS, Spark, Airflow, Kafka, Kubernetes) and with data services in AWS (Redshift, S3)  and GCP (BigQuery, GCS). You will also improve tooling (Scala, Python), monitoring, and alerting for datasets and data jobs, in order to provide our business with the data it needs to thrive.

You are an experienced developer with a good understanding of building distributed, scalable, and accessible systems, preferably in the domain of databases, data infrastructure, and tooling.

You are passionate about learning and collaborating closely with peers. Your empathy for your users’ goals, enthusiasm working across teams, and desire to impact the world of music and creative expression are ingredients for your success. Petabytes of data are waiting for you.

About Us:

Diversity at SoundCloud

SoundCloud is for everyone. Diversity and open expression are fundamental to our organization; they help us build a social platform and global community where anyone can create, discover, and share sounds. We acknowledge the challenges in our industry, and strive to develop an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute.

Link: https://jobs.soundcloud.com/