Teraki is a Berlin-based, tech-driven company enabling true low-latency mobility by solving the big-data problem for autonomous driving. 

We stand for innovation in the rapidly developing connected car, self-driving, and 3D mapping worlds. Teraki provides data reduction and data processing solutions for Automotive (IoT) applications which enable the launch of new applications by reducing costs. With that we help our customers in the challenges that are posed by the data to be computed in (connected) cars for all sensors, video and 3D point cloud data. Teraki’s algorithms are suited to improve the quality of data to meet the strict safety criteria of automotive applications. As a side effect, less data needs to be acquired and less hardware has to be deployed to maintain the strict requirements of automotive hardware.  

This combination makes it the best (and often the only) available solution for embedded use cases. We serve the OEM, Tier-1 and Aftermarket (Fleet-management, Telematics) by technically and economically enabling use cases such as Predictive Maintenance, UBI, Fleet-management, Telematics and Autonomous Driving. We focus on the B2B market. i.e. OEM, Tier1’s and Aftermarket players. 

We are looking for a Point Cloud Data Science Intern for Spring 2021: 

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Link: https://www.teraki.com/jobs/