About SumUp

Sumup is a successful and fast growing company that operates in many countries and empowers merchants to accept card payments in an easy and convenient way and wake up the entrepreneur within anyone. At the beginning of 2018 we were named the fastest growing company in Europe and we won’t stop there. Already we operate in over 30 countries, with new countries added every year on our path to become the first global card acceptance company in the world. With offices in Europe, North- and South-America we have a great multicultural and diverse atmosphere, a productive environment and great collaboration.

We develop hard- and software, which allows small merchants to accept card payments anywhere. Whether our merchants are brewing coffee or fixing cars, we want to make technology that everyone knows how to use. Therefore our merchants can get on with what they do best. From our paperless onboarding to taking the first payment, we make it easy. Traditional offerings leave out small businesses, we don’t. We are open and honest about our pricing and have no hidden fees.

We are currently looking for a Senior Data Engineer, who would help us to build a scalable data platform for analytics and data science applications, and bring new knowledge and experience to the team.


Key Qualifications


Link: https://sumup.workable.com/