data Artisans is building the next-generation platform for programming data-intensive applications. We are tackling some of the biggest technical challenges in big data and data streaming today. We love open sourcing our code and working together with the open source community that has formed around Apache Flink, one of the biggest projects of the Apache Software Foundation in its category. data Artisans was founded in late 2014 by the original creators of the Apache Flink project.

We are looking for strong systems builders that have a deep understanding of the internals of distributed systems, database systems, or performance-critical code in general. As a distributed systems engineer at data Artisans, you will be working on the deep internals of distributed data stream processing. You should be comfortable with taking responsibility for designs and features, and be able to work both self-supervised and in cross-functional teams.

As a citizen of the Flink open source community, you will be in direct touch with Flink users and participate in the day-to-day open source work.

We also encourage engineers to talk publicly about their work at conferences, meetups, and via blog posts.



By joining data Artisans, you have the opportunity to work with an excellent and tightly-knit engineering team, and have substantial impact on shaping our products and organization. We are an engineering-driven organization, and we invest highly on every individual in our team by giving freedom and decision-making power. Benefits for working at data Artisans include: