PMI is building a smoke-free future. This is your chance to be part of the biggest transformation in the history of our company.
The transformation touches every part of our business. Our products. The relationships we have with our customers. The partnerships we build. The messages we communicate. The technology we employ. And, every step of the way, data has a key part to play, making this an ideal time to join us.
We have only started PMI’s data and analytics journey in January 2017 by establishing an Enterprise Analytics and Data team (EAD) based in our international Operations Centre at the beautiful lakeside city of Lausanne, Switzerland.
It’s not just the views that are amazing. Together, we share a very exciting professional outlook. We invent and implement algorithms, we design and build analytical pipelines - all with leveraging from domains like statistics, machine learning, information and graph theory, data mining, optimization, network analysis etc. We work in international teams with huge cultural diversity and we interact not only with other fellow data scientists, but also with data engineers, DevOps, business owners, data architects, security and privacy experts, etc. We mostly write our analytical code in Python, but we’re not afraid of R, Java and even Scala. Last but not least, we are strong supporters of Open Source.
Are you ready to crunch any data to generate business value? Are you fluent in Python and do you know what is necessary to produce high quality code for analytics? Do you know when to use ANOVA and when to use Kruskal-Wallis test? Have you been working in a multidisciplinary environment using agile methodology? With this skillset, you are an ideal fit for our Enterprise Analytics and Data department and we would like to hear from you!
You will be:
* Responsible of exploring exciting data science use cases and bringing them all the way to industrialized products
* In close collaboration with our various business stakeholders to answer their needs of data-driven decisions
* A key pillar of our great team of data scientists, interacting closely with our data engineers, scrum master and product owners.
* Inspiring and supporting other data scientists within the team

About you:
* Have a proven track record of putting data science to work in domains such as FMCG, Finance & Banking, Telco, Transportation, etc.
* Are fluent in Python, comfortable using docker containers and Jupyter notebooks.
* Know how to make your research reproducible.
* Have solid understanding of data structures and algorithms, specifically advanced statistics and machine learning.
* Are experienced with commonly used Big Data technology stack such as Hadoop Data Platform and Spark, to name a few.
* Know how to create stunning visualizations of data insights and how to deliver thrilling presentations to non-tech savvy audience.
* Have experience working in multidisciplinary and agile teams and ideally are SCRUM certified.
* Comfortable processing data of various sources and building solid data pipelines
* Know what GitFlow and Pull Requests are and how to use them.
* know what continuous delivery and continuous deployment are and how data scientists can benefit from it
* Have an MSc or a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering or related field.
* A candidate with excellent command of English, both written and spoken
What we offer:
There are more than 77,000 men and women at PMI, building fulfilling careers. Here are some of the reasons they’ve joined - and stayed with us:
* We’re a global business with huge scope to build a career and broaden your horizons; our people make 1000+ cross-functional moves every year.
* Our people work with ambition, agility and innovative technology, to embrace change and collaborate on challenging projects.
* We’ve been recognized as a Global Top Employer for three years running now and won awards for workplace transparency, and sustainability.

Philip Morris International: Building a Smoke-Free Future: more information, see our PMI and PMIScience websites.
PMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer
As with many countries, Switzerland has immigration restrictions which will impact the possibility for non-nationals to work in the country. Profiles required for this position may not being specific enough to justify the recruitment of a person outside of Switzerland or countries having agreed upon free movement with Switzerland, please note that in this case a valid Swiss work permit or Swiss or EU-25/EFTA citizenship is required to apply for this position.
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