Why just look on if you can help us to move on? Our team is staffed with 15 highly qualified experts who work on interdisciplinary projects, transforming Fin into Tech. You value international exchange at the highest level, are keen to think ahead or outside the box and enjoy sharing your knowledge? Well, don’t just look on, jump on.

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You understand data science better than a software engineer and software engineering better than a data scientist. You build, tune and evaluate machine learning models, and help integrate them into the bank’s production systems. To deliver world-class machine learning solutions, you anticipate and arbitrate complex trade-offs, e. g. between model stability, predictive performance and explainability. You are responsible for the quality, clarity and robustness of the machine learning pipeline. Also, you control the complexity of code, model, data dependencies and architecture. With this knowledge, you act as a contact person and set out the framework while always working closely with data scientists, international project managers, business matter experts and diverse stakeholders.

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