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Machine/Deep Learning Engineer at INAIT (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Major duties and responsibilities: Contribute to the development of Machine/Deep Learning applications using state art machine learning frameworks to advance and verify INAIT’s workflowTechnical survey of Machine/Deep learning algorithms and technologyEssential skills and experience required: Professional experience in developing Machine/Deep Learning applications, including CNN/RNN networksProfessional experience in the use of Deep Learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, pyTorch, … to build machine learning applicationsExperience with text, image and sound data setsProfessional experience in developing Python codeProfessional experience in different phases of the software development life-cycle, including unit testing, continuous integration, version control, debugging and documentationProfessional experience using UNIX/Linux operating systemsGood team playerFluent spoken and written EnglishPreferred: