SPRING is responsible for over 60 products from more than 25 Brands and some of Europe’s biggest news sites including BILD.de and WELT.de. Over 350 people at SPRING are working on an innovative media platform to make quality journalism accessible for everyone. We are providing a great user experience on both sides – for readers and journalists, connecting them with the newest technologies.

Together with BILD.de and WELT.de we are reaching more than 20m users every day and our data pool is growing constantly. In addition, our data contains thousands of articles, images, videos and user content. Long story short: We have tons of data! 
We, a small team of Data Engineers and Data Scientists, want to dive deep into this massive amount of data to help making data related business decisions and forecasts to help growing our business. You, our new team member, will be responsible to analyze usage patterns, classify and forecast user behavior and improve the live of our journalists with text classifications. Identifying use cases for machine learning and informing other stake holders in the company of how to make use of the data will be also part of your job - in general you will be an Data Advocate. 
Nobody hits the ground running. You won’t be able to answer every question immediately or know how all systems work on your first day—and we don’t expect you to. Together as a team we want to grow with our data and we’re looking for you to be part of this team!

We’re looking for a data engineer who helps us building a platform that democratizes our data. If you enjoy moving, merging or cleaning (you name it) up to peta-bytes of data by utilizing AWS and Python at its best – this is your place to be.

Data informs almost everything we do at Spring. We collect and store data from all our products over millions of different users. But you will help us make sense of the data. Establish the facts by implementing a data platform that ingests, stores, processes and visualizes all data and create one single source of truth.

You should be experienced and have done similar work elsewhere. But nobody hits the ground running. You won’t be able to answer every question immediately or know how all the systems work on day one—and we don’t expect you to.We deeply believe in a DevOps, or in this case a DataOps culture. Which means you are responsible for your code and tools starts from designing to bringing them to production.

Here are some examples of projects you will work on:

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Getting curious? Check out what we are doing on GitHub: github.com/spring-media

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