Your Mission

We are looking for a talented engineer to helps us improve our recommendation platform. You will be part of an international team that operates a recommendation engine which processes more than a billion of requests per month with a single-digit average latency and develops distributed systems that learn and recommend based on billions of events per day in real-time. You will work closely with our data engineers and ML scientists to implement, evaluate and improve algorithms. If you love to create, deploy and administer high-throughput low-latency webservices in the cloud using bleeding edge technologies, and maybe even have a statistical/ML background, then you’ll feel right at home!

Your Role

Technologies we are using

Python3, PyHive, SciPy, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, Statsmodels, Pandas, Cython, SuperSet, Druid, Cassandra, Graphite, AWS, Docker-Swarm, Bitbucket-Pipelines, PyTest, Git, Unit Tests,  Redis, MySql