We’re looking for experienced engineers to join our team to build elegant, scalable systems that use NoSQL data stores, data warehouses, Spark, and streaming solutions to power a whole host of personalized experiences for Yelp’s users and drive optimizations for Yelp’s advertising businesses. If you’re the person who leads their team in replacing an aging system, or dives fearlessly into the guts of a running system to fix that bug everyone else is happy to gloss over, then you’re the one we’re looking for!

On the User Location Intelligence team, our mission is to reliably handle the industry’s best user location data. We have the opportunity to generate the optimal personalized experience for consumers, while at the same time helping business owners make smarter decisions. We can suggest the best meals at the restaurant you just walked into, pull out great just-in-time suggestions for a date night reservation, or show you the prime location to open up your next restaurant.

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Link: https://jobs.lever.co/yelp/