Yelp’s data mining engineers are a passionate and diverse group of engineers who can work across disciplines to build incredible data-driven products. We are responsible for the whole stack: scoping the problem by digging through data with Redshift and Jupyter, researching and developing potential algorithms and approaches, training and tuning a model, and finally scaling it to millions of users, businesses, and advertisers.
On the User Location Intelligence team, our mission is to reliably handle the industry’s best user location data. We have the opportunity to generate the optimal personalized experience for consumers, while at the same time helping business owners make smarter decisions. We can suggest the best meals at the restaurant you just walked into, pull out great just-in-time suggestions for a date night reservation, or show you the prime location to open up your next restaurant.
Yelp engineering culture is driven by our values: we’re a cooperative team that values individual authenticity and encourages “unboring” solutions to problems. New hires are expected to deploy working code their first week, and your impact will only grow from there with the support of your manager, mentor, and team. At the end of the day, we’re all about helping our users, growing as engineers, and having fun in a collaborative environment.
Our Hamburg office is located in the heart of the city and brings with it the unique advantages of booming international teams, all of whom share the same floor and are brought together by the same goal: solving the problems of both business owners and consumers.

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